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Burglary Prevention

Burglary Prevention
East Surrey has a low crime rate but there are, opportunistic and sneak-in burglars who could enter your property. It is important to be extra careful in the winter months with darker evenings.

Look at you home through the eyes of a burglar. How would you get in if you had mislaid the keys?. If you can get in so could the burglar.

Any potential thief will decide on their perception of risk following several questions they ask themselves:

How easy is it to gain entry?

Effective target hardening of your home using good quality locks, which are used, will increase difficulty of entry.

Will I be seen?

Clear front gardens without open access to the back of your home will offer improved natural surveillance opportunities.

Is it worth the risk?

Security marking property with your postcode and house/flat number can put thieves off. It can make property harder to sell on and will assist police to prosecute offenders and most important allow return of your stolen property.

What are the chances of being detected?

Home security alarms are an effective deterrent. If activated it will attract attention and reduce the time a thief can commit crime.

Can I get away?

Ensure no keys are left in locks but stored out of sight to reduce possible escape routes.

All elements of crime prevention will interact with the criminal’s perception of risk. Greater difficulty, increased time delay and removal of opportunity will make the difference.

Remember most burglaries happen when the home is empty and more likely to occur during the evening or overnight.

You can make a difference. Review your current home security arrangements and carry out any necessary improvements.
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