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Doorstep Cold Callers

Doorstep Cold Callers
Door step cold caller sticker scheme

Are you fed up with receiving visits to your home from cold calling traders?

Are you concerned about rogue traders calling on your elderly or vulnerable neighbours, seeking work?

If so, say "no" to cold calling doorstep traders with a Trading Standards door sticker.

The sticker initiative is designed to empower residents, giving them the confidence to deal with cold calling traders. We expect all traders to respect your wishes but if they don't, they may be liable to prosecution for ignoring you request to leave and not return.

How do you get a sticker?

Sticker packs are available from the "Resources" page on this website.

Register your sticker 

Registering your sticker pack with Trading Standards enables it to gauge their popularity and success at deterring cold callers. Trading Standards can also use this information to identify neighbourhoods where stickers are not being displayed and attempt to increase take up in those areas.

What should you do if my sticker is ignored?

Unfortunately, not all cold calling traders will respect your wishes and some will ignore your sticker. If this happens we would encourage you to use cold calling template letter to complain and ask the business not to visit you again in the future.

Also send a copy of the letter to Trading standards via email to: trading.standards@bucksandsurreytradingstandards.gov.uk. This will enable Trading Standards to monitor any traders who repeatedly ignore stickers.

If any business continues to call at your home after you have sent this letter, please call Citizens Advice  on 03454 04 05 06.
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