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Recover Stolen Items

How To Help Police Recover Stolen Items
If you are unlucky to have items stolen it can be very frustrating if the Police find them but can't be certain if it's your property. It's a good idea to have photos of cherished possessions and these can be added together with serial numbers of electrical items to the national property register at www.immobilise.com 

Immobilise is the only ownership registration service supported by all UK Police forces, the Greater London Authority, and the Mobile Phone Industry.

This online checking service is used thousands of times each day by UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property. 

By tracing stolen items the Police are far more likely to be able to secure convictions of the people who took them.

www.immobilise.com - You just need to register with an email address and a password.

Anything with a unique serial number can be logged on there – mobiles, laptops, bicycles, garden equipment – just make sure you write down the right serial number. Something like a hedge trimmer for example has numbers written all over them. Some are part numbers and aren’t unique to the item. All Stihl garden equipment for example have 9 digit serial numbers that are numbers only.
For a mobile if you dial *#06# on any mobile you will get the unique IMEI serial number.

You can also take photos and add them to the website. The best thing to do is take a photo of the item and a photo of the serial number
The Police then use a linked website– all 43 UK Police Forces use it. Say an item is stolen and Police recover it, the first thing Police should do is check the serial number and if it is registered on www.immobilise.com it will come up with the details of the owner that were registered on immobilise.
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