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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch has the following material in stock to support you and your Watch.  If you would like any of the material for your Watch, please fill in the "Material Request" form at the bottom of this page.

Your Local Tandridge Guide to Neighbourhood Watch

 A leaflet designed by Surrey Police and sponsored by Tandridge District Council, with information about putting your Watch on the map.  The leaflet also has a list of useful numbers on the back.

Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide

This is a national booklet that outlines what Neighbourhood Watch is all about and includes useful information to help you protect your own home and your community.

The Little Book Of BIG Scams

This booklet has been designed by Surrey Police, giving useful information on the following topics:

10 Golden Rules
Identity Fraud
Courier Fraud
Scam Mail
Investment Scams
Door-to-Door Scams
Internet Scams
and much more....

Scams - Trading Standards Sticker Pack

This little booklet is issued by Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards and gives Top Tips regarding Scams.

The booklet also contains stickers to put on or next to your phone or computer with details of how to contact Trading Standards if you are unsure.

Surrey Police Vehicle Sticker

This sticker is issued by Surrey Police and is designed to be put on to vehicles to warn that no tools are left in the vehicle.

Stop Cold Calling - Trading Standards Sticker Pack

This pack is designed by Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards.  

The pack comes with a Checkatrade leaflet and 3 stickers:

"Don't be a victim of Doorstep Crime"
Sticker for outside of the front door

"WARNING - We do not deal with uninvited traders"
Sticker for outside of the front door

"WARNING - We do not deal with uninvited traders"
Sticker for inside of the front door

Cyber Crime - Action Fraud Leaflet

This leaflet is designed by Action Fraud
and gives advice on cyber crime

Immobilise - Get it Logged Get it Back Leaflet

This leaflet gives information regarding Immobilise, and registering, this will help Police return lost or stolen items

Please note, the following items are only available to 
Watches that are registered with Surrey Police and the Steering Group

Neighbourhood Watch Roundel Sticker

This sticker is designed to be put on the inside of a window or door.

Neighbourhood Watch Street Sign

New sign for Watch Areas.  We recommend that these signs are placed at each end of the Watch Area, and installed by the steering group.

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